Egypro FME has successfully created a complete portfolio of day to day facility management services which ensures covering all our client’s facility management scope.

Pest Control

We understands how disruptive and irritating pests can be to you and your facility operation. That’s why we take pest control seriously, by employing effective pest elimination methods, utilizing steadfast equipment and providing devoted professionals applying both safety and health precautions.

Our pest control process involves scheduled visits to eliminate and prevent pest activity. A key part of our process is pest inspections, which help us to determine the type of pest, identify routes of entry and harborage areas and the best conditions for proper control and elimination.
Environmental safety standards are held in very high regard at Egypro FME. We stand behind our work and pledge to use our expertise to eliminate your pests and make sure they won’t come back to bother you and your family again.
Our services includes but not limited to:
  • Rodent control.
  • Specialized pest management applications.
  • Crawling Insect Control.
  • Migratory Pest Control.
  • Flying Insect Control.
  • Bird Control.