Egypro FME has successfully created a complete portfolio of day to day facility management services which ensures covering all our client’s facility management scope.


Our well-experienced staff can handle the cleanness, tidiness, and custodial operations in your facility, with well-integrated safety and hygiene processes to ensure a clean environment at your working location.

Our team carries our all cleaning activities taking into consideration all minor details, using high-quality equipment and tools custodial service has become much more efficient and effective.
Our well-trained staff is capable of implementing a well-planned schedule to clean the premises taking into consideration high traffic areas, high important areas which subject to potential pollution or dust.
Our services includes but not limited to:
  • Cleaning and Preservation of all building Offices
  • Cleaning and Preservation of all building Equipment rooms
  • Cleaning and Preservation of all building dinning and kitchen rooms.
  • Cleaning, preservation and Disinfection of all building restrooms.
  • Vacuum cleaning and Disk sweeping of all types of floors
  • Chemical treatments for floors, carpets and textiles.
  • High cleaning for ceiling, or high leveled glass.
  • Internal and external glass cleaning using various methods according to place.
  • Waste Disposal
  • Pools and artificial lakes cleaning and disinfection.
  • All types of water tanks cleaning and disinfection according to the WHO regulations.