Egypro FME has successfully created a complete portfolio of day to day facility management services which ensures covering all our client’s facility management scope.

Civil Maintenance

Safe Workplace

Our experienced engineers are capable of performing all types of civil maintenance works and renovations required at the premises, covering every detail and delivering high standards of work.

Our civil maintenance covers many sections which includes:

General civil works
  • Building brick, gypsum board, glass or any type of wall sections.
  • Finishing wall sections to be ready for appropriate painting.
  • Fixation of all types of floors
  • Demolishing all types of walls and floors.
  • Masonry/Tiling works, repairs to walls, roofs, sidewalks, garages, etc. due to other repairs or deterioration from weather and humidity, poor materials or general wear.
  • Marble, granite, limestone and landscaping installation.
  • Plastering works.
  • Installation and repair of aluminum work (window framing, furniture, etc.) as required.
  • Install, maintain and repair of potable water pipes and sewage systems, water sinks, toilets, wash basins, showers, bath tubs, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. and their respective accessories.
  • Clear clogged drains and floor drains.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of soap dispensers, towel paper holders and hoses.
  • Repair water distillers.
  • Repair and installation of shelves, dividers, pantries, storeroom, closets, doors, windows (including replacement of broken glass), etc.
  • Replacement/placement of knobs, hinges, security locks, etc.
  • Repair, refinishing, and re-upholstery of furniture.
  • Prepare, sand, varnish, and paint furniture, shelves, doors, windows, etc.
  • Hang items on walls, such as screens, bulletin boards, maps, DVC’s, etc.
  • Preparation, sanding, filling holes and painting walls and ceilings.
  • Exterior painting such as the metal sheets fence of the exterior wall.
  • Interior painting.
  • Varnishing wooden doors, floors and furniture.