Energy and Finance – Sustainability in the Energy Industry

Energy and Finance

Sustainability is a concept embraced by many and rejected by few. But, below the label, what does this concept mean? Sustainable in what sense? Environmental? Economic? Social? How do we move from these lofty goals to the desired outcomes? What are the indirect impacts of pursuing sustainability? Questions abound. Answers are in short supply.

The impressive volume helps to supply some of the needed answers. Energy, Sustainability, and Finance is a collection of essays connected to the issue of sustainability, especially as it relates to the energy industry. The essays provide solid frameworks for thinking about sustainability issues and generate many tantalizing results. Apart from collecting a particularly knowledgeable group of authors, the editors have made two additional excellent choices: they have taken a multidisciplinary approach—going well outside traditional economic and financial analyses—and have focused on the energy industry—clearly the “ground zero” for many of the issues under discussion.